Netanyahu denied request to deal with Herzog's judicial reform proposal

Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara refused a request by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's lawyers on Monday to comment on President Isaac Herzog's proposal for dialogue, as he is legally barred from dealing with the matter due to a conflict-of-interest agreement, Channel 12's Amit Segal reported on Monday.

According to Segal's initial report, "it is not clear what the attorney general responded, if she responded, but in Netanyahu's comments from a few hours ago he does not mention the proposal nor the legal topic, which seems to imply that he did receive an answer or that the answer was negative."

"The Likud believes that permission for Netanyahu to deal with the plan is crucial in order to initiate a compromise," Segal wrote.

Moments later, Segal reported "officials who were involved" that the attorney-general indeed had refused, and reiterated that the prime minister was prohibited from dealing with the matter.

Segal did not provide proof of the report. 

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