US, China express desire to stabilize relationship-State Dept officials

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang both expressed a desire during their meeting on Sunday to stabilize the relationship between the two powers and prevent competition from veering into conflict, State Department officials said.

Blinken made it "very clear" during the meeting in Beijing that the United States does not want to decouple from China, and there was an agreement for the two sides to continue talks to make progress on a number of fronts, the officials told reporters.

Gang also told Blinken that China is committed to building a "stable, predictable, and constructive" relationship with the United States, state media reported after the two met in Beijing on Sunday.

Qin also made clear China's concerns on its core interests including the Taiwan issue, describing it as the "most prominent risk" in Sino-US relations, the report said.