Kyiv official named as suspect in bomb shelter deaths probe

Prosecutors served a notice of suspicion to the head of Kyiv's municipal department for security on Tuesday after three people died in a Russian air attack when they were unable to get into a bomb shelter, the prosecutor's office said.

The deaths of the people on June 1 after they rushed to an air raid shelter that failed to open caused a public outrage and prompted President Volodymyr Zelensky to vow a harsh response.

The prosecutor's office said the suspect was accused of improperly performing their official duties and that a lack of control over the maintenance and readiness of city bomb shelters led to the deaths and injuries of people.

Kyiv's prosecutor's office did not name the suspect, but the capital's city council identified him as Roman Tkachuk and said the municipal security department was cooperating and providing access to available documentation.

The official could not be immediately reached for comment.

An audit, ordered by Zelensky, showed that condition of 15% of Kyiv's 4,655 shelters was suitable, while only 44% were freely accessible.