Pride flags torched in Hod Hasharon, sparking larger fire - report

A young man in Hod Hasharon is suspected of torching LGBTQ Pride flags in the city on Friday, sparking a larger fire in the truck the flags were being carried in, according to the city's mayor, Amir Kochavi.

The municipality has ordered more Pride flags in response to the incident and has filed a complaint with police.

"In the last month we have witnessed incitement for its own sake against education for equality and inclusion, and incitement in disguise, by those who 'only explain' that 'there is already equality and there is no need to hang a flag that offends,'" wrote Kochavi on Facebook. "A flag does not hurt. Deliberate and dangerous arson does."

"On the evening of the 17th of Tammuz, a day remembered for the breaching of the Jerusalem wall which finally led to the destruction of the Second Temple, due to baseless hatred, a violent young man chose a path that no fast would atone for and caused serious damage to property, an immediate danger to human life, and a violent attack on the values of tolerance, diversity and community - our values."