Four horses killed, farm burns down in suspected northern Israel arson

Four horses were killed and infrastructural damage worth some hundreds of thousands of shekels was caused in a farm that was set on fire on Monday evening in the Kfar Shamai, near Safed, in northern Israel.

Firefighters who arrived at the scene assisted in rescuing nine more horses from the farm and extinguished the fire. Israel Police have opened an investigation into the circumstances behind the incident, which is currently being examined as deliberate arson. 

Police chief Kobi Shabtai toured the damaged farm with Regional Council Head Amit Sofer, where Sofer turned to Shabtai and stated, "This is terrorism in every way: including threats of murder, shooting at farmers and business owners, and burning property and animals as we saw last night.

"We demand from you today, Police Commissioner: enough, enough with terror, enough with threats, enough with arson, enough with extortion, enough with the destructive harm to business owners." Sofer further added, "We demand from the government and the ministers to impose sovereignty here in the heart of Galilee, in the heart of the State of Israel."