3-year-old in critical condition after electrical accident in southern Israel

A three-year-old was electrocuted in Rahat late Thursday night, according to Israel Police. Emergency services performed CPR and transported the child to Beersheba's Soroka Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition.

According to data from the BETEREM: Safe Kids Israel, in the last five years, 9 children died as a result of electrocution, seven of them from the Arab sector.

Orly Silbinger, CEO of BETEREM said: "During school vacations when the children are at home for a long time, adapting the home environment to the children is critical.

"Make sure the electrical system is in working order and avoid leaving electrical outlets and cables exposed.Unfortunately, towns with low socioeconomic status tend to have poor infrastructure, which may cost children's lives. I call on all concerned to take responsibility and work to improve the infrastructure in order to prevent the next disaster."