Activists bring bananas to Hayut’s home to protest ‘banana republic'

Activists brought boxes of bananas to High Court of Justice President Esther Hayut’s home to protest the “banana republic” authority of the High Court to strike down Israel’s quasi-constitutional basic laws on Wednesday.

The demonstrators dressed in shirts and hats that mockingly referred to themselves as the court’s republican guard. The group said that the ability to discuss and strike down basic laws was authoritarian, and needed to reject recent petitions.

The High Court is in the process of reviewing two sets of petitions involving amendments to basic laws. One is the incapacitation law, which the court has signaled that it will likely only delay its application to remove concerns about its personal nature. A second hearing is on September 28. The second is the reasonableness standard law, which is set to be heard before 15 justices on September 12.