Suspect indicted for murder of man, burning body in Jordan Valley

A Tel Aviv man was indicted for murdering Yair Haddad and setting his body on fire in the Jordan Valley, the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office announced on Thursday. 

The 25-year-old suspect had no prior relationship with Haddad when they met in Tiberias late at night on July 9. The next day, the suspect picked up the victim at a gas station and drove south.

Near Gesher Adam the suspect decided to attack the Tiberias native, stabbing him in his left hand, right shoulder, and face. It isn't known exactly how Haddad was killed. 

The suspect went on foot to a gas station and filled a jerry can with gasoline. He went back to the scene of the crime, and then brought the body to a date plantation, where he set the body on fire to destroy any evidence. He then washed his clothes and car with the hose from a nearby business. 

Despite these efforts to cover his tracks, police arrested the suspect 48 hours after the body was discovered on July 12.