State appeals sentence for man who raped stepdaughter with prostitute

After a stepfather received nine years in prison and NIS 60,000 fine for raping his stepdaughter with the help of a transgender prostitute in 2022, the State Attorney's Office filed on Sunday an appeal to the Supreme Court for a harsher sentence.

The state argued that in light of the extreme crimes against a minor, the Tel Aviv District Court's decision was too light of a punishment.

In April 2022, the Tel Aviv resident took his 14-year-old stepdaughter to visit a transwoman prostitute for paid sexual services. The two plied the girl with drugs and alcohol, and for over for hour four hours committed sexual acts on the minor and on each other in front of the minor.

"The prosecution believes that the sentence imposed on the accused does not give sufficient expression to the fact that in order to satisfy his sexual whims, the accused chose to expose the complainant to one of the most extreme events imaginable in any sense," wrote the State Attorney's Office. "In addition to the request to increase the prison sentence of the accused, the prosecutor's office also requests to increase the amount of compensation awarded in favor of the victim."