Swordsman indicted for slashing, stabbing Ashdod man to death

An Ashkelon man was indicted for murdering an Ashdod man by slashing and stabbing him to death with a sword in July, the Southern District Attorney's Office announced on Monday.

Yonatan Bar Ben-Mocha, 57, reportedly noticed a man who he previously had a conflict with near his store. He allegedly left and returned to the site with a 69-centimeter sword, and charged at the victim. The victim suffered gashes on his upper body, neck, and head, including an 11-centimeter-deep stab wound under his left armpit.

Eyewitnesses attempted to stop Ben-Mocha, warning him that his actions would kill the man. As the victim bled out, Ben-Mocha straightened the sword, which had been bent because of the thrust. According to the indictment, he then gave the sword to a minor, telling her "Take this thing away and throw it away, hide it." He also sought to delete the footage from nearby cameras.

The victim was pronounced dead at the hospital.