As unemployment climbs, share of redundant workers increases sharply

The unemployment rate climbed to 25.8% on Sunday evening, with over 1,075,000 claimants applying for unemployment benefits.
Since the start of April, approximately 87,000 new jobseekers have requested assistance. A total of 79.9% of claimants this month are employees placed on unpaid leave, and 11.7% have been made redundant.
The figures represent a significant increase in the number of employees being made redundant, which stands at 6.9% since the start of the outbreak.
"We are watching with great concern as the number of redundant employees rises in comparison to those placed on unpaid leave," said Israeli Employment Service director-general Rami Garor.
"The trend began more than two weeks ago, and represents an increasing difficulty for businesses in Israel in their commitment to be able to re-employee their workers as the crisis subsides. This data should be taken into account in decision-making procedures in relation to the crisis "exit strategy."