Assad asks BRIC S countries to intercede in Syrian crisis

In an attempt to garner international support, under-fire Syrian President Bashar Assad sent an urgent message to the heads of the BRIC S countries hoping for their consent to intercede in Syria's violent civil war that has been raging through the country for the last two years, SANA reported on Wednesday.
The BRIC S countries are a coalition made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa who identify themselves as emerging national economies.
Assad's message comes in the wake of political moves made by the opposition party who have been handed Assad's seat at the Arab League, much to his chagrin, and who have also opened their first embassy in Qatar, another political blow for the beleaguered Syrian president.
In the message quoted by SANA, Assad appealed to the BRIC S countries "to exert all possible efforts to end the suffering of the Syrian people."