At least 27 killed in Iraq, including translator

BAGHDAD — An Iraqi interpreter for the US military was gunned down on Friday by his son and nephew north of the capital after he refused their demands to quit his job, a police official said.
The attack occurred as at least 27 people were killed nationwide, a grim reminder of the dangers facing Iraqis despite a sharp drop in violence over the past few years. In the deadliest attack, insurgents ambushed a checkpoint near the Syrian border, killing seven Iraqi soldiers and wounding an eighth.
Hameed al-Daraji, who had worked as a translator for the US military since 2003 against the wishes of his family, was shot in the chest in his house in Samarra, 60 miles (95 kilometers) north of Baghdad, police Lt. Emad Muhsin said.
He said al-Daraji was constantly fighting with his relatives over his job, but he ignored their pleas for him to quit.