Attempted murder results in an immediate religious divorce

 Attempted murder of one's wife results in an automatic religious divorce, Israeli media reported that an Ashkelon rabbinical court ruled last Thursday.
Liana Hazan's husband, Aran Hazan, attempted to murder her with an boxcutter six months ago. While he failed to kill Liana, he attempted to harm her again from prison - by denying her a "gett." 
A gett is a Jewish religious document that officiates divorce, but traditionally can only be issued if the husband agrees. 
Mavoi Satum, a women's rights organization that seeks to challenge the current gett system and obtain divorces for individual Jewish women, petitioned the court several times. 
After six months, the Ashkelon rabbinical court ruled that Hazan was compelled to give his wife a gett, because attempted murder of one's spouse was grounds for immediate divorce. According to Batya Cohen of Mavoi Satum, its a "precedent setting statement."
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