Australian PM links 9/11 to 'ISIS-inspired' Australian charged with terrorism

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull linked the September 11 attacks on Sunday to the 'IS-inspired' Australian charged with terrorism after a stabbing attack in the western suburbs of Sydney on Saturday.
The Sydney man was charged on Sunday with committing a terrorist attack and attempted murder that police said seemed to have been inspired by Islamic State, after he repeatedly stabbed a stranger on the street.
"Let me say something to about 9/11 and it's links to what happened yesterday in Minto. On one level they seem very different, 15 years apart, very different events but connecting them both is a violent, Islamist ideology which perverts the religion of Islam and seeks to destroy and threaten our way of life," Turnbull added.
The 22-year-old stabbed the 59-year-old man who was walking through a park on Saturday, and attacked police who arrived, making statements that they said led them to conclude he was motivated by IS.
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