Aviva Schalit: It seems price of your freedom is too high

Speaking at a special ceremony outside the prime minister's residence in Jerusalem for Lag Ba'Omer on Saturday, Aviva Schalit criticized the government, suggesting that like everything else in Israel, the price for her son is too high.
"Israel, it seems, has changed, my Gilad," captive soldier Gilad Schalit's mother said. "It's not the same country that we had once. Today there is a price for everything, also for you, you're too expensive."
She added, "We're waiting for your price to drop. I try to explain that if we wait for "end of the season," maybe it won't be [so expensive], like what happened to Ron Arad."
Speaking directly to her son who has been in Hamas captivity in the Gaza Strip for nearly five years, Aviv said, "I promise you, my son: We won't stop, and we'll shout and do everything until they bring you home."
"When you return," she added, "after our great burden, and after we hug you, [your] father and I and all of the family, we'll try again to live normal lives and to believe that the State of Israel is still our country, in whose name your uncle died for."