Ayalon: Palestinian momentum toward September halted

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon on Wednesday said that after having met with "politicians and leaders from across four continents...I can say that the Palestinian momentum towards September has been halted." Ayalon's comments came during a meeting with Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni and Stefano Stefani, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian Chamber of Deputies.
"More and more nations are rejecting Palestinian objectionism and recalcitrance and calling for a return to negotiations as the only path to peace. Unilateralism means confrontation and provocation," Ayalon stated. "The mask is slowly slipping from the Palestinian face to reveal that they have no interest in peace but are rather embarking on a path to greater confrontation and conflict. They are running out of excuses to avoid the negotiating table," the deputy foreign minister added.
Ayalon said that after having met with Latin American officials, Italian officials and representatives of the African Union recently he was certain that "large parts of the international community understand that premature recognition for the Palestinians rejects the basic principles of a negotiated peace. In fact, more than that, it would make the peace process moribund."