Ayalon: Protecting our citizens is long-term goal in Gaza

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon (Israel Beiteinu) said that Israel must extend its military operation against Hamas with the long-term priority of protecting Israeli citizens in "every way" as the ultimate goal, Army Radio reported Sunday.
"Hamas, who engraved on their flag Israel's destruction, they are firing and we are firing back, but we must think in a strategically with a broader view; our goal is to bring quiet to the citizens of Israel in every way," Ayalon told Army Radio.
Ayalon added that he believes that Israel must work to injure Hamas party heads, but noted that if a cease-fire were to be initiated by the Gazan ruling party, he would not recommend Israel continue an offensive.
The deputy foreign minister also noted that despite mixed opinions on the financial worthiness of the "Iron Dome" rocket interception apparatus, the defensive project has proven itself in the past few days successfully blocking rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.
"This [Iron Dome] has given us political leeway and reduces the effectiveness of fire from Gaza," he explained.