Ayalon reiterates strong US-Israel ties, mutual commitment to peace

Despite reports of Israel-US tensions over settlement activity, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon has reiterated Jerusalem's strong bond with Washington along with a mutual commitment to peace and a better future in the region. In a statement on the ministry's Web site on Monday, Ayalon said, "It is clear that these ties are as strong as ever. The bonds between the United States and Israel are far too great for any minor differences to impede." "In these particularly unstable times, Americans can look with certainty to Israel as a true and enduring ally," continued the statement. "The interests we share certainly include the yearning for a full peace in our region and a better future for all of our neighbors. We share a commonality of vision for a new peaceful reality that will be good for both Israelis and Arabs." Ayalon stressed that the Obama administration had continued to assist Israel in maintaining a qualitative edge in the region. "The Arrow 3 project, anti-ballistic missiles developed and deployed by Israel, continues to be jointly funded and produced by Israel and the United States," he said.