Ayalon to French:Idea of int'l flotilla c'tee is an insult

"Just as the purpose of the UN sanctions placed on the Iranian regime and not the civilians, our goal is to isolate the Hamas and other extremists and strengthen the moderates in the region," said Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon to the French Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday.
Ayalon, speaking to the committee of the French National Assembly in Paris, addressed the situation in the Middle East and referred to the events surrounding the Gaza flotilla.
The deputy foreign minister called the flotilla raid self defense, stating "those that were on the flotilla or supported it want to strengthen the extremists and weaken the moderates in our region. "The goal of the extremists is to isolate Israel but we must isolate the extremists instead."
Addressing calls for an international investigation into the flotilla raid, Ayalon said "An international committee is an infringement of our sovereignty and an insult to our legal system."
During the visit to Paris the Deputy Foreign Minister met with senior French officials to discuss bilateral relations, Iran and the situation in the Middle East.