Bar Ilan University launches mentoring program for entrepreneurs

Bar Ilan University announced the launch of a new Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Program at the Business Administration School on Tuesday.
The mentoring program, modeled after similar programs in leading business schools around the world, aims to allow students, faculty and graduates with entrepreneurial abilities and aspirations to receive free consultation from an industry professional who can provide critical feedback on their initiatives to launch business ventures, implement business plans or operate existing start-ups.
The EIR program will offer individual counseling sessions on topics such as developing business ideas and identifying business opportunities, business and marketing plans, business strategy development, business and marketing positioning, securing investments from private entities and venture capital firms, building an efficient company, and transferring ideas into products.
Israeli senior hi-tech executive Menachem Hasfari will serve as the program's first mentor. Hasfari's was CEO of Magic Software Enterprises, one of the largest software companies in Israel and has held advisory positions in international companies and start-ups in Israel and around the world.