Bar-On to PM: 'Your government has ostracized Israel'

Kadima MK Roni Bar-On criticized PM Benyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday in the opening discussions in the Knesset on the 2011-2012 budget.
Bar-On addressed the PM saying: "Stop, enough. You are smart and wise enough to understand on your own.  You are burdening the state of Israel.  You know that every moment you continue to sit in your office, when you are not free to do anything, you are endangering the state of Israel.  Your government has delayed the political process.   Your government has ostracized Israel.  Your government has taken Israeli society and has split, divided and torn it, and you and your government are to blame.  Who is the idiot that advised you to be interviewed by Channel 10.  On first watching the interview I pitied you.  Afterward I pitied myself, I pitied us."