Barak breaks censorship laws at Knesset C'tee meeting

It is not every day that the defense minister – the man entrusted with guarding Israel’s closely greatest secrets - breaks censorship laws. But on Monday this happened when Ehud Barak appeared before the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.
Invited to speak about the expiration of the Tal Law, Barak decided to open his remarks with a brief review of the cross-border attack from Egypt that was thwarted the night before. Like most Knesset hearings, Barak’s appearance was broadcast live on Channel 99, also known as the Knesset Channel.
Barak committed the offense when he was describing the way the IDF stopped the armored vehicle that had infiltrated into Israel. Officially, the IDF said that an aircraft fired a missile at the vehicle causing it damage and forcing it to stop and that it was later destroyed by two tank shells.
Even though Barak’s comments were broadcast live on a nationwide TV station, publication of his exact comment is banned from publication due to a continued insistence by the Military Censor and the IDF that the information continued to be censored.