Barak: IDF will do everything possible to bring justice

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday addressed efforts by the IDF to catch those responsible for Tuesday night's terror attack and called on heads and residents of settlements to act with responsibility.
At a meeting with IDF Central Command on Wednesday, Barak declared, "The IDF will do everything possible to quickly bring the perpetrators to justice, to prevent the possibility of a wave of terror attacks from developing, to prevent other terror missions from disrupting the fabric of relationships and relative quiet which has been created in the area in recent years and even the intent to harm the coming peace talks."
"Through all the pain and mourning," Barak called upon "the settlements, the heads of settlements, and the heads of Beit Hagai, to demonstrate discretion, responsibility and steadfastness. We are in long struggle over our right to leading secure and peaceful lives and reaching a peace agreement with our neighbors."