Barak: IDF's iron fist will find Fogel family murderers

Defense Minister Ehud Barak told mourners that the terrorist attack that left five family members dead in the settlement of Itamar over the weekend is a "painful reminder of the unbearable bloody price that we must pay in the struggle for sovereignty and rebirth of Israel in its land."
Speaking at a ceremony at Mt. Herzl for fallen soldiers whose resting places are unknown, the defense minister said he is confident that the "iron fist of the IDF and the Israel Security Agency will quickly land on the murderers." They will be caught and brought to justice and made to pay, he added.
Barak said that "Israel's security, its future and its borders will be designed and shaped by our decisions and not by murderous terrorism." He continued, "Our hearts are with the orphans without a mother or father, and with all of the families."