Barak: Israel will make own decisions on future security

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Thursday evening that "Israel will make its own decisions about future security," referring to the Iranian threat against Israel. Barak made ​​the comments during a toast for the New Year of the Independence Party in Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds.
He added that we should make no mistake about US preparations to deal with the Iranian challenge, saying: "the Iranian challenge is a mutual one, however, Israel and the US's clocks are ticking at different times."

Barak further emphasized that "Israel reserves the right to make sovereign decisions on Iran and the US respects that."

Earlier on Thursday Barak met with the US Army's vice chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff James Winnefeld, who is in Israel for a working visit. He has been holding meetings with his IDF and defense establishment counterparts on Israeli security and defense issues.