Barak 'won't compromise readiness due to budget concerns'

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said he supports transparency but will not allow a situation where the defense establishment is inadequately prepared because an official from the Finance Ministry has not approved training or armaments, Barak told the Knesset Finance Committee on Thursday.
Barak said he "would not allow a situation, in which the defense establishment is forced to cut training exercises, cut the acquisition of arms or the Iron Dome [rocket defense system], not carry out operations or prepare itself for the next confrontation simply because it hasn't received approval from a Finance Ministry official."
The committee was holding a special session in Tel Aviv discussing cuts to the Defense Ministry budget. "We have nothing to hide," Barak added, but said "there is one thing we won't compromise on: That we are able to fulfill our mission."
"Everything is transparent. Every expense goes to security," he asserted.
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