Barghouti: Abbas most comfortable partner Israel could have

In an interview from his prison cell, convicted Fatah terrorist Marwan Barghouti told Channel 10 that if he was Palestinian Authority president, he wouldn't be able to promise that there would not be a third intifada, as PA President Mahmoud Abbas has done.
Channel 10 aired the interview - jointly conducted with Haaretz - on Wednesday night, marking the first Israeli interview of its kind after the ten years of prison time that the  revered Palestinian figure has served.
The interview was conducted several days into Operation Pillar of Defense, and Barghouti predicted that the conflict would strengthen Hamas.
He described Abbas as the most comfortable partner Israel could have, and said he had no choice but to go the United Nations General Assembly with the Palestinian statehood bit, otherwise "he would go home."
Barghouti, currently serving five life terms in Israeli prison for his role in several terror attacks during the second intifada, would win a presidential election against both Abbas and Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, according to a poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in July.