Bayit Yehudi rumor mill hits fever pitch over Channel 2 reporter

To anyone following the Bayit Yehudi primary it may seem like a new candidate pops up every other day, so it was easy to understand how two religious-Zionist news sites could get confused and report Channel 2 News' Zion Nannous joined the party Saturday night.
The mix-up was rooted in a group in the messaging app Whatsapp managed by Bayit Yehudi spokesman Pinhas Wolf.
Wolf sends reporters updates about the party and its upcoming primary via a group that has 100 members.
On Saturday night at 6:30 p.m., he wrote "Zion Nannous joined."
Both Arutz 7 and Srugim immediately wrote headlines that the journalist joined Economy Naftali Bennett's party.
However, the Bayit Yehudi spokesman meant that Nannous joined the Whatsapp group, not the party, which he clarified minutes later, leading the two sites to erase the stories.
Nannous expressed amusement at the confusion, posting the headlines on his Facebook page and on Twitter.
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