Bayit Yehudi's Bennett: A Palestinian state will destroy Israel's economy

Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett spoke out against the formation of a Palestinian state at his party's weekly faction meeting on Monday.

"When the IDF stopped the intifada, the economy improved... a Palestinian state will destroy the Israeli economy. Israel boycotters won't have nearly as much impact as rockets on Herzliya," said Bennett, referring to the disadvantages of "dividing the land [of Israel]".
"No one says dividing land will bring peace anymore. Even Livni just says the world will like us more."
According to Bennett, there is economic pressure to sign a deal, but its not worth it. Israel should not give in to international pressure.
Bennett said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu must "stand strong, be a leader, and then the people of Israel will stand behind him."
"Just imagine if a missile launched from Judea and Samaria takes down a plane headed to Ben Gurion Airport," he added passionately.