Begin: West Bank construction will continue over next 10 months

Begin West Bank constru

Minister-without-Portfolio Bennie Begin (Likud), who voted in favor of the 10-month construction moratorium and is a member of a special governmental committee that deals with issues relating to the freeze, stated on Thursday that even with the halt orders,"construction continues and will continue for the next 10 months." Making his comments at a gathering in Tel Aviv, Begin said that the government did not decide on a construction freeze in the customary meaning of the term. Rather, "if we are seeking to clarify the conditions...we are not planning on freezing life in Judea and Samaria." Furthermore, said Begin, "we are not discriminating between isolated settlements and those considered to be within the parameters of the agreement. Had we agreed to such a distinction, we would be in essence setting the borders before the start of negotiations." Begin went on to say that in the next 10 months the population of Judea ans Samaria will grow by than more than 10,000 people.