Bennett: Israeli policy of hiding behind barriers responsible for Tel Aviv terror attack

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett lashed out at the government's policies regarding recent terror attacks, saying that they had led to Monday's attack in which a Palestinian man stabbed and critically wounded an IDF soldier in Tel Aviv.
"This is a terrible terror attack which proves that the concept of hiding behind barriers is bankrupt," Bennett said. The Bayit Yehudi Minister had spoken out against the police decision to set up concrete barriers at Jerusalem light rail stations to prevent vehicular terror attacks which have killed three people in recent weeks.
"It is not possible to barricade people in the streets, but rather we must put those responsible for incitement, fireworks and the rioters in jail. This is correct security policy" he said.
He said that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas "has become Arafat's successor, just in different clothes. He's a terrorist in a suit and he must be treated that way.