Bennett 'very proud' of his conduct during Gaza op

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett took to the airwaves on Monday morning to recap some of the decisions that led to the seven-week operation in Gaza.
In an interview with a local radio station the minister said he was "very proud" of his "assertiveness" during the weeks-long war, especially when it came to the decision to launch a ground offensive, amid the rising terror-tunnel threat – a move "no one believed was  just or necessary."
Bennett also weighed in on other hot-button issues, such as the recent military scandal in which reservists in the elite 8200 intelligence unit said they would refuse orders to operate in the West Bank. Those "were the guys who wanted attention and got way more [attention] than they deserved," he said. 
On the budget issue, Bennett said defense spending should be increased, but at the same time the Defense Ministry needed to be more efficient and "more creative and imaginative" in its actions. "I don't think every shekel added to the defense budget necessarily goes towards security."
As for the Gaza war, Bennett said that while he believes he contributed to the decision-making process, "no one has a monopoly on wisdom" when it comes to warfare. "People are allowed to disagree during war."
One last issue he covered was the internal political climate, noting "there were disputes" between right-wing factions over the Palestinian issue.
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