Benny Gantz: 'No Israeli leader is a king'

"I come from the people and I will return to the people,' Benny Gantz, the former IDF chief of staff, announced on Tuesday night as he broke a months-long silence and officially launched the campaign of his new political party Israel Resilience.

"I love Israel, am proud of it," Gantz said. "Israel is truly, for me, before everything. Citizens of Israel, those here and those at home, I have an obligation to you alone."
Leadership, he said, does not divide but is supposed to bring people together. "No Israeli leader is a king," he said, adding that he us running to become the next prime minister of the State of Israel.
Tuesday's event will be the unveiling of his official party platform and list of fellow party candidates for the elections.
"Thank you, friends. My family, my friends, we live in a democratic country and people have the right to express their opinions, he said to an opposer in the audience. Also, by the time I manage to speak, you think I'm going to stop?" Gantz said to the crowd.
"Citizens of Israel, creators of the Israeli resilience party. i came here tonight because except for my family, nothing is more important to me than the state of Israel. I love Israel, am proud of it. Israel is truly, for me, before everything," Gantz continued.
"Citizens of Israel, those here and those at home, I have an obligation to you alone... the Jewish nation and the Zionist state, a story that doesn't exist anywhere else... we have one nation, one flag, and one army. But I came here this evening because I am anxious for Israel. The people are strong...
"The struggle between left and right is tearing us apart. The struggle between Jews and non-Jewish is crushing us.
trust me, I am proud of our country. I will never be ashamed of it.
"A strong government does not separate in order to govern. Our country needs leadership that will behave differently and lead differently, that will not weaken us from within.
"The leadership does not see the working man and woman, it does not see the young people who cannot purchase an apartment.
"No Israeli leader is a king," said Gantz. "Therefore, I stand here before you, four years after my service as Ramatkal, and request your trust to lead the state of Israel."
"I can say that security is done in actions and not words. In the middle east, we do not speak down to the weak and only the strong prevail. We will not tolerate a threat to Israeli sovereignty, but I will also assist with giving any assistance to the citizens of Gaza [if they so need].
"We do not gain points from boasting, but from acting. The government will present strength facing enemies and will connect between Israelis. We place Israel and Israelis before everything there will not be a culture of incitement, especially  the media. It will not be half-nation left, half-nation right," Gantz said in regards to the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis.
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