Better Place unveils first electric vehicle for Israel

Better Place unveiled on Sunday the first electric car to be sold to the Israel market - the Renault Fluence ZE. The vehicle, whose basic price will be NIS 122,900 not including the necessary service package, will go on sale from July and the first orders are expected to be ready to hit the road by the end of this year.
The vehicle was unveiled by Better Place Israel CEO Moshe Kaplinsky and Renault EV program director Thierry Koskas at a press conference in Tel Aviv at which Better Place officials presented their pricing plan. Afterward, the journalists present took the vehicles out for the first ever test drives in the city.
In addition to the basic version, Better Place also introduced the luxury version of the Fluence, which includes leather seats and other accessories and which will cost NIS 129,900. The basic accessories of the Fluence include a computerized driving and energy management system, built-in GPS navigation system, online connection to a 24-hour customer service center, a four-year manufacturer’s warranty, split climate control air conditioning, cruise control and automatic lights.