Bnei Akiva calls for emissaries to combat global rise in anti-Semitism

As Jews around the world are exposed to a rise in physical and verbal violence, the Bnei Akiva school system in Israel is calling on its members to strengthen Jewish communities around the world and is working to encourage the relocation of those communities to Israel.
In partnership with World Bnei Akiva Movement, the organization held a conference at the Tzfira girl's high school on Sunday evening, attended by some 250 teachers, to call on educators to become emissaries, helping to fight anti-Semitism and assimilation.
"Despite the challenges we have here in Israel, it is a mitzvah to become an emissary and to wake up the Jewish dreamers and bring them Israel," said Rabbi Haim Drukman, head of the Center for Bnei Akiva Yeshivot. He continued and asked, "how is it that they have not yet moved to Israel? What else needs to happen?"
The conference hosted a number of booths with information on different organizations through which the educators can become emissaries around the world.
Rabbi Noam Perl, secretary-general of World Bnei Akiva Movement, remarked that his organization's booth received a lot of attention and said "I am pleased to see that the subject of emissaries takes an important place among the national religious society and among its captains and there is no doubt that the best of our young men and women will succeed at their mission."