Board of Deputies of UK Jews welcomes Goldstone recantation

The Board of Deputies of British Jews on Tuesday welcomed Goldstone’s recantation.
In reference to Goldstone retracting the allegation that Israel deliberately attacked civilians during the conflict, the Board said that this accords with the conclusions of former British army commander Col Richard Kemp concerning the measures the IDF took to avoid civilian casualties, “even though Hamas was at the same time deliberately putting civilians in harm’s way.”
The Board statement added: “Furthermore, the article reinforces Israel’s right to self-defense, noting that “Israel, like any sovereign nation, has the right and obligation to defend itself and its citizens against attacks from abroad and within.
“Despite Judge Goldstone’s welcome retraction, the fact remains that his earlier misconceived allegations have caused great damage to Israel’s reputation, further aiding those who seek to undermine her legitimacy. We would call on those who were so quick to use the Report as a stick to beat Israel, now to acknowledge publicly that they were mistaken.”