Brahimi against Annan's 'failed approach' on Syria

UNITED NATIONS/DUBAI - Veteran diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi is not prepared to persist with the same "failed approach" on Syria as Kofi Annan, said a source close to the situation on Wednesday, and he is still considering whether to take on what France dubbed an "impossible mission." Brahimi has been asked by the United Nations and the Arab League to replace Annan as their mediator on Syria at the end of the month, but diplomats say Brahimi has reservations and wants "strong support" from a deadlocked UN Security Council.
"It's an ... impossible mission, so I do understand that people hesitate to take this (on)," French UN Ambassador Gerard Araud, who is the Security Council president for the month of August, told reporters.
Annan said he was stepping down after six months in the job because he was hampered by the Security Council's hopelessly divided veto powers. Russia and China have vetoed three western-backed resolutions criticizing and threatening sanctions against Syrian President Bashar Assad's government.