Budget dispute with treasury delaying Gaza border fortification, IDF says

Budget disputes between the military and the treasury are delaying the implementation of fortification plans along the Gaza frontier that the army says would keep civilians safe from Hamas tunnels, an IDF source told Channel 10 on Thursday.
According to an army source, there is bureaucratic haggling between the Finance Ministry and the IDF over a NIS 500 million plan that would entail erecting more fencing along the Gaza-Israel border as well as the installation of sophisticated tracking and surveillance equipment designed to detect infiltration.
"This plan would prevent a situation whereby an Israeli wishes to enter the Gaza Strip, as happened with Avera Mengisto," an IDF source told Channel 10. "Because of the threats that we are dealing with today, I hope that a solution will be found. We are waiting for it, and we are preoccupied with it. Today it's stuck because of the budget."