Businessman Dudi Appel loses appeal, will start prison time

Real estate developer David 'Dudi' Appel will finally commence a three and a half year prison term handed down in 2010, after the Tel Aviv District Court rejected his appeal on Thursday.
Appel was convicted in the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court in  2010 of three counts of bribery, but asked the court to postpone his three and a half year prison sentence pending the appeal.
The businessman was found guilty of bribing former Lod mayor Benny Regev with NIS 1.3 million towards his campaign fund, in return for Regev's promoting his interests in building the Ganey Aviv neighborhood in Lod in 1996-1998.
Appel formulated a plan, the indictment said, to promote Regev's reelection so that he could in turn advance Appel's real estate interests with respect to the real estate project, which included 5,000 residential units.
In her ruling, Judge Dvora Berliner said that bribing public officials was "like a cancer, that destroys everything good."
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