Cabel: Likud should pay for Israel Hayom

Zionist Union campaign chairman MK Eitan Cabel called upon the Central Election Committee Sunday to require that the cost of publishing the Israel Hayom newspaper be taken out of the campaign budget of Likud, at a press conference at the newspaper's Tel Aviv Headquarters.
Cabel said that if Netanyahu wants to publish propaganda, he should have to pay for it. "Millions of shekels from gamblers in Los Vegas comes to this place," Cabel said. "Young people around the country know that the prime minister does not work for them but for a gambling tycoon." The Zionist Union campaign chairman referred to Sheldon Adelson, the wealthy owner of the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas and chief financier of Israel Hayom.
Cabel wrote letters to the the heads of the three television new stations in Israel, asking them to insist on Netyanyahu agreeing to a debate or stop covering him.
Cabel declined to answer questions about whether he would serve as a minister under Netanyahu if he formed a government and about whether he believes that non profit organizations like Yad Vashem and Birthright that are funded by Adelson should continue accepting his money.