Cameras bill requires 61 votes to pass, says Knesset legal adviser

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bill to allow cameras to be brought into polling stations on Election Day will require 61 votes to pass into law, ruled the Knesset legal adviser on Wednesday.
Only the Central Election Committee overseer or secretary at a polling station can videotape at a polling station, said the head of the committee. No party can film at polling stations and doing so would be a crime.
"If Lieberman and his party come to vote, the majority needed to pass the law by more than 61 MKs," said Netanyahu in a tweet calling on Liberman to support the bill. "I call on Liberman to come together, not to join Lapid-Gantz, Ahmed Tibi and Ayman Odeh, to come to Knesset and to vote in favor of this important law that will prevent fraud and theft of the elections. Liberman, if you don't come to vote, it is further proof that you connected to the left-wing government of Lapid-Gantz and the Arab parties. The choice is in your hands."