Captured Turkish journalist appears on Syrian television

ANKARA - A Turkish cameraman who went missing while reporting from Syria appeared on Monday in an interview with a pro-government Syrian television channel and said he had been seized by Syrian soldiers in the northern city of Aleppo.
In the video from al-Ikhbariya news channel, which was broadcast by Turkish media on Monday, Cuneyt Unal seems to be in good health although he looks exhausted and nervous, with dark marks under both eyes, apparently bruising.
Unal, who works for the US-funded al-Hurra television channel, describes his journey from the Turkish border to Aleppo with rebels who are fighting troops loyal to President Bashar Assad.
"All the people with me had weapons in their hands. In the armed group there are Chechen, Libyan, Qatari and Saudi armed groups," Unal said in the video.