Case closed against ‘Silence’ official

The prosecution on Thursday closed a criminal investigation against the spokesman for Breaking the Silence after he claimed to have beaten a Palestinian youth while he was an IDF officer years ago. Paradoxically, Breaking the Silence and its spokesman, Dean Issacharoff, rejected the prosecution’s closing of the case, maintaining that he was guilty of beating the Palestinian.
The prosecution, however, said that both the Palestinian and Issacharoff’s fellow soldiers rejected his version of events and that he was innocent of the crime. Amit Edri of Reservists on Duty and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked cited the prosecution’s ruling as disproving Issacharoff’s version of events and as undermining the credibility of Breaking the Silence.
Breaking the Silence said the investigation was politicized. Edri said his group had spoken to Issacharoff’s fellow soldiers and brought the issue to Shaked’s attention when she called for a probe in June.