Cell indicted for alleged failed shooting attack in W. Bank

A group of six men from the West Bank village of Beit Fajar were indicted in a military court earlier this month for their role in a shooting attack in Gush Etzion last November, the Shin Bet General Security Services cleared for publication on Monday.
During the shooting, the alleged gunman, Alaa Muhammed Shukri Takatka, 23, opened fire on a bus leaving the settlement of Migdal Oz, as well as at buildings at the settlement and Israeli security forces nearby, the Shin Bet said in a press release on Monday. No one was hurt in the shooting, but the Shin Bet said that there was some damage caused to the bus.
The Shin Bet said the group was also planning other attacks before they were caught.
The six suspects are all members of the same clan from the village of Beit Fajar outside Beit Lehem, and include members of Tanzim and Fatah.
The cell includes the alleged gunman Alaa Muhammed Shukri Takatka, 23, the driver Amad Ayad Omer Takatka, 20, and lookouts Osama Muhammed Abed al-Rahman Takatka, 21, Nadal Ravhi Taleb Takatka, 34, Muhammed Ziad Muhammed Takatka, 22, and Muhammed Yosef Ahmad Takatka, 21, who was also employed as part of the Palestinian Authority's presidential guard.
The men were arrested shortly after the shooting attempt, in a joint operation involving the Shin Bet, the IDF, and police from the Judea and Samaria sub-district. On January 13th they were indicted by a military court, on charges including attempted first degree murder and membership in a banned organization.