Central District Court postpones Palmahim hearing

The Central District Court postponed making a decision on Sunday about a case brought forth by firms Maoz Daniel and the Evelon Group against the Central District Committee for Planning and Building and various other officials regarding their inability to construct the controversial Palmahim beach resort.
Due to the complexity of the case and the various incomplete issues surrounding it, the judges decided to reschedule the main hearing for July 14 – before which the sides will also decide if they can solve the case through a mediator.
In addition to the Central District Committee, the construction firms are also fighting against the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA), the Israel Lands Authority, the Sorekot Local Planning Committee, the Gan Rave Regional Council and Adam Teva V'Din.
The construction firms first signed a contract to build the hotel in 2004, and since then environmentalists have fought against the plans to build on a rare open space containing a diverse array of flora and fauna.