China increasingly producing 'tools of torture' for export, Amnesty International says

Dozens of Chinese firms are producing and exporting "tools of torture," from electric stun guns to metal spiked batons, to countries with bad human rights records, rights group Amnesty International said on Tuesday.
More than 130 companies are involved in producing or trading the equipment, typically marketed to law enforcement agencies, up from about 28 companies a decade ago, Amnesty said.
The equipment fuels human rights abuses by law enforcement authorities in African and Southeast Asian states, the group said in a report.
"While some of the exports are no doubt used in legitimate law enforcement operations, China has also exported equipment that has inhumane effects, or poses a substantial risk of fueling human rights violations by foreign law enforcement agencies," it said.
One company, China Xining Import/Export Corporation, which advertises thumb cuffs, restraint chairs and electric stun guns, said in 2012 it had ties to more than 40 African countries, according to Amnesty. The firm could not be reached for comment.