Colombian Air Force gets $150m. worth of improved Kfir jets

A ceremony celebrating the transfer of improved Kfir fighter jets to the Colombian air force was held in an Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) facility on Sunday. Mr. Juan Hurtado Cano, the Colombian ambassador to Israel, representatives of the Colombian Air Force and representatives of Israel's Defense Ministry attended the event. At the end of 2007, the industry won a tender to insert improvements in the jets over a period of a number of years. Also according to the tender, additional Kfir jets will be supplied to the Colombians. The deal will make the Israeli industry $150 million. Yitzhak Nissan, CEO of Israeli Aerospace Industries, said the "new technologies developed here over the last few years will allow the jet to have a longer service life and was made possible due to the experience, knowledge and integration of a devoted team of employees." Col. Diego Sepulveda Alzate of the Colombian Air Force said "we are happy, proud and feel immense satisfaction in light of the new addition to the Colombian Air Force. We thank the employees at the Lahav facility and all IAI employees for their contribution to the success of the project."