Commander of Hatzor Airbase relieved from duty after drowned F-16 case

The commander of the airbase asked to be relived of his command and IAF Chief Amikam Norkin approved his request.

The commander of Hatzor Airbase asked to be relieved of his command and IAF Commander Maj.-Gen. Amikam Norkin approved his request after an investigation into the damage caused to F-16 fighter jets due to heavy rain on airbase in January, the IAF announced on Tuesday.
In addition, the head of the squadron to which the eight damaged planes belonged to was reprimanded, and the head of the maintenance squadron and the commander of the flight squadron were also reprimanded.
The airbase commander will be given a different position in the IAF.
Five of the eight F-16’s that were damaged were repaired and are now operational at the cost of 30 million NIS [roughly 10 million USD], the Israeli Air Force [IAF] said in a press release on Tuesday.
While the report said the airbase had drainage systems that could have been used to reduce damages in real time, those on hand were working in a complex environment and followed procedures.  It also noted that the weather reports indicating the rainfall were available to all involved and more actions should have been undertaken to prevent the damage.
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