Communication ministry's gear stolen during Internet event

Communication Minister Yoaz Hendel headed south to the Bedouin communities of Kuseife and Tel as-Sabi on Tuesday to mark the beginning of a new high-speed Internet connection service there. However, the necessary gear that enables the service was stolen before he arrived, N12 reporter Ben Mittelman tweeted on Tuesday.  
Both communities face higher-than-average levels of crime and theft.  
Twitter users joked at the expense of Hendel, who broke away from Blue and White to form his own party, by noting that “he who steals from a thief is forgiven,” hinting that Hendel “stole” the votes of those who placed him in the Knesset by breaking away from his former party.
The expression, derived from the Talmud, is actually used in opposition to its original context.
The Talmud means that he who steals from a thief must still return the stolen object but is exempt from paying a fine for the theft. Most people use the expression to mean that he who steals from a thief is free of any wrongdoing. 
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